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Sunday, March 11, 2007

0kiies...its me STEPHANIE blogging today...lols t0day...early in the morning, i woke up at 8.30 -.-" freaking early sia... cos im going Escape with val gerald danny cat and junrong... And that stupid Alvin n Ben, said they would come...in the end, i dun see them -.= made me excited in wanting to see that FREAKED OUT face from Alvin :)) cos he's jus SOOOOO afraid of heights ^^ that by sitting in the middle of the pirate ship already made him wanna puke =X well, thats just sad haha... muahahahas im just so evil...lols met them at 9 in the morning, had breakfast at LJS..i shared with Val :) and we left for the bus stop opp Bishan MRT... but.. since theres like onli 6 of us, the guys suggested whether wanna go other places anot... i was like -_-" FREAK! NO! lols... i mean since we decide on the place liao... den shouldnt last minute change ma... so in the end we still go Escape... t0ok bus 88...heh 1 hr journey lol... by the time we reach Escape it was like already.. 11+ nearing 12pm damn hot sia... under the scorching sun~ First we played...er...i dunno wad its called... well its the first machine u see when u enter Escape, the spinning one...or watever... I DIDNT WANNA GO LOR!!!! i tried escaping... cos im scared of that ride -.-" running doesnt seem to be a wise choice cos they all carried me 1 person each hold my legs n arms -.= wah lao~ and successfully carried...pushed...pulled me into the ride...oh poor me T_T den went to ride Pirate ship... i sat in the middle as always...never changing my seat lol well cos sitting at the side was scary... havin butterflies in ur stomach~ ew~ i hate that feeling lol... BUT i dunno why... later on... they forced me to sit at the far end.. without any choice... i did -.-" DAMN SCARY OK?! they juz wan me to DIE!!! And so i've overcomed my fear of sitting at the far end of pirate ship :) which made me happy haha~ but i think i've made life difficult for them... cos i find it fun... And kept telling them that i wanna play again xD Ah...poor val... she accompanied me to almost all the rides... ^^ made her ride Pirate ship with me for more than 5 times sitting at the far end hehe... And Rainbow and so on she din play the 360 degree one...the Pepsi i think... cos she cannot tahan lol... until she got giddy n wanted to vomit while im still so AWAKE and FINE! When we went haunted hse... ok fine i admit that im still as scared as always... and i will grab the shoulder of whoever is in front of me :) the unlucky guy was danny haha val was behind me, cos we din wanna disturb gerald n junrong u noe... haha, cat din come in As usual, gerald is still so damn scared surprisingly she is only afraid of this -.= DARKNESS isnt her power haha... den in the end come out... she cried >.<" ahh poor gerald =/ I REGRET RIDING ON YAKULT -_-" the last ride me n val to0k... cos the others are like so damn freaking tired and were slacking out in BK~ that stupid ride ah... made me SO giddy... i swear it did spin more than 50 rounds i was wondering... OMG when it stop?! And i got off the ride from being awake and fine, to ~ giddy and the feeling to vomit -.= darn! den after we decided to go home...to0k bus 88 again... suffering from the 1 hr ried again made my condition worse ... ... ... almost puked cos i couldnt find a comfortable position. zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz.... AHHH~ CSS audition coming soon!! lols....gd luck to whoever are joining bahhs... i hope i can get in >.<" haha

written @ 3/11/2007 09:45:00 PM