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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okays... i wrote this oneshot fanfiction just yesterday and posted it on the Suju forum... The response i got was quite okay ^^ So i would like to share it to whoever reads my blog =/ Its a fanfiction about TVXQ aka DBSK members. I'll do an intro of them so you'll understand more about the fic that i wrote >.<" I'll put photos of who the characters are.

This is Junsu [main character]

Yunho [TVXQ's Leader]




And together they are TVXQ! lol -.-"

Lalalalas~ Okay time to start my story! And yeah, please comment in my tagboard if you want. The title is... I Promise:)

Smile for me, Junsu.


“Yoochun ah...”

The room was dark, moving closer, Junsu almost could not feel his feet on the white marble tiles. He knew his feet were against the smooth cold tiles, but he felt as if the pair of numbed soles belonged to someone else's.

Anyone but not him.

He stopped in front of a big sofa whom a man was sitting on. Those pair of tears-filled eyes made him came to an abrupt stop.

Yoochun lifted up his face - and Junsu could clearly see his friend's crying face, and even in the dark, they seemed to sparkle.
And then slowly, those tears disappeared,

“...Why can you still smile?” Yoochun blurted.

Junsu tilted his head lightly to the left, his eyes widened, there's still a slight smile formed on his lips.


The youngest was running on an incredible speed on the track mill, music could be heard blasting from his headset. The whole of his body was drenched; the whole of his face was wet.

Was it sweat or tears?

“Changmin ah...”

After a few seconds of pause, Changmin was still running, not showing any acknowledgement to Junsu's call.

Junsu only smiled wider and shook his head to himself.

Foolish of him; how could Changmin hear through the loud music?

And then he moved slowly around the track mill, till he was standing right in front of Changmin.

Changmin was panting heavily, his lungs struggling for the need of oxygen from the entire forty minutes of continuous running. He combed his drenched fringe - which were clinging onto his sweaty forehead aside, revealing a pair of double lidded and bloodshot eyes. As he gathered his breath, Changmin looked up.

He stared at Junsu for the longest moment, before allowing himself to get down from the moving track mill.
Standing completely on the other end of the track mill, completely opposite Junsu, Changmin was still panting heavily for air,

“Why are you still smiling?!” He questioned.

Junsu gazed into Changmin’s stare, and then slowly, the thin smile stretched wider.


Turning the knob quietly, Junsu slowly pushed the door open.
Jaejoong was sitting on the bed, hugging a big and hard album in his arms with his head bent over, he cried so hard that his body trembled.

Junsu moved closer, till his knees nearly touched his.

“... Hyung.”**

Jaejoong raised his wet face with swollened eyes. Staring into Junsu for a moment, his trembling mouth began spilling out the words.

“How could you still smile after everything!”

Still smiling, Junsu’s eyes remained unaffected when Jaejoong threw the book he had been hugging so tightly against his chest towards Junsu.
The book missed him by an inch, and it crashed heavily onto the floor.

The album landed on the white and hard tiles with a loud slap, laying flat, the pages opened.

Pictures and pictures of them were all over the pages.
Pictures of them smiling... laughing... having fun... the good and bad times...

Jaejoong then snuggled himself into the blanket, his wet face buried deeply into the blanket. He then screamed into the blanket - sobbing terribly, his fingers seemed to be ripping it apart.

Yoochun and Changmin came running into the room, and they paused when they saw the eldest buried in his bed.
Fresh tears began to form once again in their already bloodshot eyes.

Gazing from faces to faces with quiet eyes, Junsu smiled.
“Don’t cry” was all he could say.

One tight slap across the face was what Junsu received. Turning his face back slowly to Yoochun who stood right before him, a bold handprint began to appear.

“What are you made of?” Yoochun accused.

“Just what are you made of? Are you made of rock? Huh? Are you made of rock, that’s why you are so unfeeling? Why are you so unfeeling?! Why can you still smile when he has just left us! How could you still smile like this when you were the only one by his side when he breathed his last breath!”

The deepest regret would be that they weren't able to see their leader for one last time.

Eyes still on Yoochun, lips still wearing the very same smile, Junsu allowed Yoochun and Changmin to push him aside when they hurried to a breaking-down Jaejoong.

Still feeling his soles numbed on the white tiles, Junsu could not longer see the photograph album lying on the floor; Junsu could no longer hear the sobs from the rest behind his back. Everything felt numb.

Then his smile slowly disappeared.

Voices on that day seemed to echoe into his ears, till his mind was filled with the one and only voice, that one and only voice, and nothing else.

'Promise me... you-u will smile...... don’t be afraid.... don’t cry.... P-promise me... be strong... JunSu a-ah..... O-one last... time ... for... hyung...?’Yunho said his last words.

I promise.


**Hyung - its the way guys call their older brother or close friends who are older, Brother in Korea. Because Jaejoong and Yunho are older than Junsu, so he call them Hyung, as a sign of respect. If you still don't understand, then nvm =X

Summary of my fanfic for those who dun catch anything from it -.-"
Basically, Yunho, their leader passed away and Junsu was the only one there when Yunho was dying, and Yunho's dying wish was for Junsu to stay strong and continue smiling when he pass away. Other members didnt know about his wish and kept accusing Junsu for being cold-blooded and smiling when something tragic happened. So all in all, the one who's hurt the most is... Junsu!
Alrite, thats all ~ I editted abit from my original piece to make it understandable to all ^^ hope you like my fic.

written @ 1/16/2008 04:08:00 PM