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Monday, April 07, 2008

awwww.... Xiao Bian Tai cant lie!

Went to j8 and had Pizza today after school.
XiaoBianTai, lynette, pam, weiling and lynette's sis, linda came :)
then 'gorgeous' joined us later on.

We then went to 'play' the gachapon thingy...
Well i resisted the temptation to put my $1 coin in LOL.

I also wrote a oneshot story...
But nobody seems to actually read it on SJFullHouse.net
Only val commented.
I got my inspiration through the Lovin' You lyrics ^^
Was it that bad? I've decided to post it here though.
Its abit mushy =X but its still PG rating, so don't worry -.-"
Here it is, titled -


I Love You

When we’ve arrived at that station,
You weren’t my boyfriend anymore.
While walking slowly,
You searched for the words to say...

That was just hours before, it's alright even if you didn't say anything until the end.
Looking at your face alone would make me understand...
I just wanted to let know that I wished you happiness in everything you do.
Then, the ticket counter is nearing...
I gathered the courage to say, I Love You.

But you didn't even bother to turn back.
Your heart was closing up and you weren't even aware of it.
I held back my tears.

Images of you laughing happily by my side when we were together started flashing in my mind.
That was when you started drifting further away from me.
Your hand that I've held so tightly onto was slipping away...
It’s too late; I wouldn't be able to meet you again ever.

The moment you walked away from me,
I longed to feel the warmth of your touches...

The moment my necklace snapped,
That feeling I prayed for, to be protected by you,
was gone...

I started walking around aimlessly,
And felt a bright glimmering light pierced through my eyes,
Without realising next that I lied on the road lifelessly...

I closed my eyes thinking,
If I could meet you again tomorrow.
Like anytime, I hope you could look back, if only you looked back for once.
Before all the things I’ve seen with you become memories.

Please don't leave me.
I've never regretted being together with you.
At that moment I wanted to see your smile more than anything.
If only I were there to make you smile once more...
For the second time, I struggled to say;
I Love You.

But you were already nowhere to be seen.
Then, I hear crowds started gathering around me...
Junsu, where are you?


"Steph! Steph!"

I opened my eyes and to my surprise, the person who was waking me up was none other than Junsu.

"Junsu! What are you doing over here? Aren’t I dead already?" I shakily asked as I touched my neck in search for the necklace.
"It’s still there..." I mumbled as I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hey, you were crying in your sleep! What happened?” Junsu sat down and looked at me with the pair of eyes I’ve always loved. “Besides, I will never let my lovely girlfriend die."

"I was crying? Well, it’s nothing." I wiped my tears then Junsu came forward and gave me a morning kiss.

"Anyway, get up already lazy bum! I'll go and prepare breakfast for you."

"W-wait!" I called out and went forward to hug him as tightly as I can.

"Woah, darling relax, you've been acting weird ever since you woke up." He teased jokingly.

"Just stay in this position for awhile..." I smiled happily in Junsu's arms.

We stayed like that for a while. Without giving a second thought, I whispered in his ears, "I Love you."

"Silly! You know I love you too." Junsu chuckled.

"Hey, I'll let you have a taste of what misery is if you dare to leave me one day!" I threatened playfully.

"Oh my... You really got to tell me what your dream was all about." He pouted.

So it was just a dream... Or was it a nightmare?
Don't worry Hyo Jae, it will never happen.


Well comment if possible :) I love comments!
This time i really really wrote this okay!
No joke !!! April Fools' over -
I think i took like 1 or 2 hour plus to think... And listen to the song Lovin' You by TVXQ

Alright, I guess it's time to sleep, i'm TIRED~
And Yay~! There's dance tomorrowD =D

written @ 4/07/2008 10:11:00 PM