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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Changmin's Message to Bigeast Mobile

"HaHaHa! (^-^) Everybody~! I'm Changmin.
We did our very best at today's concert~ (^○^)
However, recently I'm feeling very unsecure.. T_T
Last year, it was only Junsu who was talking about the Oyaji gag.
This year, even though it's important for all 5 members to sing and dance well,
We still need to give everyone a new segment of laughter during MC...

Therefore, I'm having lots of pressure/stress, we're going crazy... please do help/save us.
There hasn't been much inspiration recently. What are we going to do~

In any case, we'll continue doing our best.
Am praying that tomorrow's concert atmosphere wouldn't be that cold again (>人<*)
(T/N: I think that he meant by that hopefully the lame jokes they're making wouldn't cause too much awkward in the concert tomorrow)"

Cr: dnbn.org + Avex (Japan) + Changmin
Translation: fin123@soompi


Yunho's thank you message to Bigeast mobile
The last message from Osaka...next stop, Fukuoka!

"Gentleman Yunho.
Today is the final day in Osaka. (The concerts/shows had finished in Osaka.)
We've become one together with everybody, from each person who had came to the concert.
And giving me the chance to enjoy such a cool stage. Thank you. (*^ー˚ )v
Especially Somebody To Love and Together were really good.It was an enjoyable experience while with the towels around us (^▽^)
It makes me want to live in Osaka too.
Let's have fun like today again when we meet next time.

I love Osaka \ (^ ^) /"

Credits: withyoonho.com + Avex (Japan) + Yunho
Translation: fin123@soompi
pamphletscan: pwenzi


Micky's Message to the Bigeast mobile:

"Is everybody high in Osaka as well! This is Park "Osaka" Yoochun!

Oh!...How's everyone doing in Osaka? Is everybody gratified with the performance?
How did I performed today? Is it different? Did everybody enjoyed without restraint?
This is how the The Live Tour 2008 [T] in Osaka is done so for 4.. 4.. 4.. 4 times!
\ (^ ^) / There's 3 more left. We are really looking forward to it.
Please do enjoy it!

You're driving force is unchanged. We'll work hard.

Thank you everyone!!
Tomorrow we will work hard too.

Thanks always.
We'll GANBARIMASU tomorrow too."

Credits: Avex (Japan) + THSK + dnbn.org
Rough Translation done by fin123@soompi


Joongie's message to fans who went to their Osaka 3rd Live Tour "T" concert:

Hello everybody! I'm Jaejoong!
The 2nd live in Osaka had just ended. Feeling kind of lonely about it (T-T)
But there's still 2 more days to go, let's create memories of it!
To my point of view, coming to Osaka, the feeling was really high!
Although it had just ended, I really want to see everyone again!
And in today's concert, I noticed there was quite a number of guys fans! Am quite surprised!
To think about THSK having guys fans made me feel happy about it!
Of course there's also addition of pressure ( ̄∇ ̄;)
Today's performance was good! Osaka the best!

Credit: Baidu
Translation: fin123@soompi


Junsu's message to the fans after 1st concert (3rd Live Tour "T" at Yokohama):

"Hi everyone! I'm Junsu!

How's the feel of today's concert? Did you feel my charisma?
Everybody is crazier/more hyper tonight than yesterday!
Didn't want to disappoint anyone, so we sang our hearts out.
So my throat is a little tired now.
But it's very enjoyable, I'm very happy today!
Even though it's been raining, so many people came to the concert.
Once again, I can feel your love, and gain strength from it~
For the next 15 concerts, we will try our best to the end, people support us!

Thank you!


Tohoshinki's Message to Fans after the 1st concert:

Because of all the rehearsals, today is a very nervous/stressful day.
Indeed, the pressure from the 1st concert is always the biggest...
However, because everyone have trust in us, there wasn't any major problems.
Very grateful to you guys!
Finally the 1st live ended, but we're still not satisfied/calm.
We will work hard to show you our best!
This live tour still needs the help of you guys! (ie: need our support to make the tour successful)

Chinese translations: baidu
Chinese to English translations: deppstar@soompi


written @ 4/01/2008 05:34:00 PM