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Saturday, April 12, 2008
TRANSLATION] Funny DBSK anecdotes (TVXQ/Tohoshinki)

DBSK Fun Happenings!

During Autograph/ Signing Sessions...

Fan: oppa! hello!
CM: hello!(CM starts signing after greeting each other)
Fan: wow oppa is 176cm tall! (the fan joked while CM is signing)
After CM finished signing, the fan looked at the paper(?) and behind the signature, CM wrote "PS: I'm 186 oh ^^"
[Changmin-ah, why must you be so tall?!]

During a signing session, a fangirl with straight long hair went up for CM's signature.
Fan: Oppa, please touch my hair.
CM: ah? I can't.. I.. I am not.. a.. pervert...
[We know you aren't one ^^]

CM: Hello!
Fan: Hello!
CM: Your name is..?
Fan: What is oppa's name?
CM: oh..CM wrote: 'To: What is oppa's name.'
[Changmin ah, you ruined her autograph le LOL~]

YC: Hello!
Fan: Hello!
YC: Your name is..?
Fan: What is oppa's name?
YC: (flustered) ah.. you don't know my name?
Fan: (sadly) yea.. I have serious amnesia...
YC: oh.. my name is Park Yoo Chun. And you?
Fan: ^%!&*
YC: huh?
Fan: ^$%!&*
YC finally finished signing.. and at the back, he wrote: ' a very unique name '
[Hmm... really very unique, HAHA~]

Fan went towards YC for signature..
but realised that CM, who was sitting beside YC is too good looking, just like a living sculpture...
Hence, after telling YC her name, she kept staring at CM...
YC: erm... you...
Fan continues looking at CM..
YC: erm... i have finished signing..
Fan: oh! ok!
At the back of the paper, YC wrote: 'PS: CM is indeed very handsome!'
[Nice one Yoochun-ah! =D]

During an autograph session, a fan wrote her name on JJ's palm.
The next fan who came up told JJ: ' Oppa, scribbling on your palm is as bad (an offence) as smoking.. '
JJ: Bring that previous girl back here!
[Jaejoongie! Can i write on your palm too? ^^]

Fan: Oppa, my name is Sun, please remember alright?
YH: ok.
Next autograph session..
Fan: Oppa, what is my name?
YH: ahh.. I can't remember already..
Fan: I'm Sun, you must remember alright?
Next autograph session..
Fan: Oppa, what's my name?
YH: ... erm......
Security guard standing behind YH: ' SUN.'
[LOL~ This is my fav! Security guard pawns!]

Fan: Oppa, you are so pretty!
JS: You are very handsome too!
[Junsu... You are such a joker...]

On a certain fan-meeting session, a fan thought of buying some tonics for JS. And her friend who introduced that tonic to her said that taking it will be as good as taking fertilizer. (Means that the effects of the tonic is so good/strong that it's like taking fertilizer)Hence, the fan repeatedly thought of what her friend said in her mind...
And when it's her turn to go up to JS, she flustered and pushed the tonic drinks to JS and said aloud: ' Oppa, please drink this fertilizer and continue to work hard!'


Other Funny Happenings ~

One night in the hostel, hardworking JS was writing his report.
But suddenly, YC turned the lights off..
JS: Yah, what are you doing?! Why did you turn off the lights?!
YC: If we don't turn off the lights, the fans will all be crowding downstairs....
An hour later, YC turned on all the lights again..
JS: Why did you turn on the lights again?
YC: What if all the fans really leaves...?!
[You shouldn't have turned off the lights then -.-"]

In the waiting room...
JS: Let's exchange shoes!
However, JS's feet are too small.. he wore YH's shoes and tripped after a few steps..
JS: YH hyung's feet are too big! CM ah, lend me your shoes!
CM: ok..!
JS: ah.. why are all your feet so big! You must try to make them small and cute like mine!
[Ok, Junsu, is your feet really that small? -.-"]

At the airport filling up some forms..
YC was wearing slippers on that day.. But because of all the squeezing and pushing from the fans, his slippers broke.
On the plane..
YC ask YH seriously: Hyung, can I still wear this after pasting it back?
[What a dork! x)]

During BBQ endorsement times...
Lee Yoon Jae: erm.. Jaejoong..
JJ: yea?
LYJ: the BBQ... Fried chicken... is delicious..
JJ: (flustered) ah, no, we TVXQ are just in charge of modeling...
LYJ: you must be even more serious when frying those chickens next time alright..
JJ: (sadly/desperate) no... we're just purely modeling...
LYJ: do remember to give out more carrots when selling the chickens too ok..
JJ: -.-"
[Poor Jaejoong... LOL~]

credit: translated by buttercupwheels@LJscreencap
credit: as tagged + soompi


All these are hilarious ~! Anyway those in blue words are my thoughts haha...
Cassiopeia will sure laugh until....
I didnt know DBSK fan sign events are so fun!

written @ 4/12/2008 12:31:00 PM