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Monday, April 28, 2008
[TRANSLATION] More DBSK UFO replies (Tohoshinki/TVXQ)

Boo~! Im back with more DBSK UFO replies wahahhahaas~ I had so much fun reading them :D
They're fan-service is really good i must say!
Anyways today is a super warm day... The weather is so freaking hot -.-"
And Mr Au Yong came is very late today again ! I was loitering around the school =X
Monday is always so boring...
Tomorrow is our Chinese Mid year paper! x( sian sian sian....

DBSK UFO Replies - 2008
UFO REPLIES - 2008 posted April 14, '08

[Fans] We voted Best of Best very hardly , but the results is not that good, so sorry. Dont get see ya, must stay healthy.
[Max] You dont have to apologize at all ^^ moreover we thank to all of you for the support ^^

[Fans] In the whole wide world the smiles from you all is the best ( actually this fans said the prettiest/ most handsome) ! Just see you smiles, the mood just getting better (uhh.. something like that?) ,continue smile like this
[Max] Will smile more in the future ^^

[Fans]Oppa how about a relationship ? Im serious...

[Yunho] En, serious ? ok hahaha

Fans: Yunho Oppa, sorry, cant stay beside you...

Yunho : aiya, dont think like this , our relationships is very tough (T/N: uhh..something like close? o.O)..

[Fans] Cassopiea wont worry right, because already promise that you wont fall sick again right?
[Yunho] En, already promise.

[Fans] you cant dont reply , i will do card boards go for BIG BANG.
[Fans] Really dont reply me(?), so tomorrow BIG BANG coming near my home area i am going to see them.
[Max] Go early and back early ^^

[Fan] I am knitting mufflers,in the cold freezing winter wearing my mufflers will be very warm, how is that Oppa, do you want one ?
[Yunho] if you are giving me one, then thanks, hehe.

[Fans] if there really is UFO, i will ride on and kidnap all our 5 beauties,how is that, okay right?
[Yunho] hehehe,if so..just kidnap, how about next time!!! So.. how are you going to kidnap?

[Fans] 28/10 i went the concert~ singing skills is better than last time, being a DBSK fans is really a happy thing,hehe.
[Max] When people praises me that my singing skills getting better,i am really happy,thanks ^^

CREDITS: shayunk_max dbsk
Source: cassiopeia-family forum..


UFO REPLIES - 2008 posted March 16, '08

[Fan] I really want to go to Asia Music Festival. Please convince my mother!
[Jae] Mother, please give your daughter to me! Please, mother!!

[Fan] Oppa, reply if you’re suave!
[Min] Suave is now my nickname!

[Fan] At this time, I’m unable to sleep so I’m sitting here doing nothing. What’s oppa doing?
[Chun] It’s because I’m replying messages that I’m unable to sleep. Is our little cutie sleeping? If you are, I’ll be angry!!

[Fan] ^ _ ^ Don’t push your self too much
[Yunho] That’s who I am

[Fan] Oppa, I’m very angry at the moment. If you reply as if you are my boyfriend then I will feel better…
[Yunho] Is our darling angry? Ah-ingg {I’m guessing He’s being cute? :S}

[Fan] Yoochun oppa! Oppa is pooing? What colour is Oppa’s poo?
[Chun] It’s rainbow coloured ^^

[Fan] I have to loose weight. Today I ran 10 laps. Jaejoong’s waist is 22″
[Jae] Don’t over exert yourself! Oppa’s waist is 23.59″

[Fan] I want to be Jun Ji Hyun for one day. Can I?
[Min] No.

[Fan] Oppa do you like girls who fart loudly and smell? Would you like girls with bad breath?
[Min] Would you like emissions of carbon dioxide? Nuclear weapons?

[Fan] Changmin oppa, please marry me! I have confidence you will lead a happy life.
[Min] I have no confidence.

[Fan] The world’s most handsome person! Use your handsome fingers to reply!
[JunSu] You’re calling me, right?

[Fan] If you reply me now, I’ll wear a bikini to your next concert. For real.
[JunSu] Really? See you then ^^ {PERVERT!!!}

[Fan] I want to be your kitty for one day. Will you take care of me?
[Min] I’ll give you to someone else to take care of. Hahaha

[Fan] I miss you! I miss you! I really really really really miss you….I want to touch you.
[Min] Pervert!!!!

[Fan] This is the first time I have observed an artist, the first time I have woken up from thinking about them so much that I want to cry. You’re the first person to have this effect on me.
[Min] Don’t cry, or your eyes will be puffy ^ __ ^



UFO REPLIES - 2008 posted April 19, '08

[Fan] I hope I dream about you guys tonight^^ I hope you guys sleep well tonight and have a good rest. Dong Bang Shin Ki hwaiting!
[Yunho] Thank you Goodnight, hope you have a good dream~!!

[Fan] I love all you big brothers! Hwaiting! You are the best!
[Changmin] We will work very hard ^^

[Fan] Yunho oppa, I watched line up, if you were to say to me “Come to oppa’s place” then that would be good~~
[Yunho] Thank you^_^ kkk wait for me~!!

Credit: Fee@wordpress

overall credit: zehl@soompi Artists' UFO replies thread + jaekwang for sharing

written @ 4/28/2008 03:54:00 PM