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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Had Chinese O level mock exam today -.-"
Paper 2! I GOT 40/70 T_T
Yeah Ms Ow mark damn fast, we just had the paper in the morning & we got it back in the afternoon.
Having Science chem prac & CL paper 1 tmr =.=
Ms Lee ... er ... i don't like her LOL.
blah ~ Had Cameron Highlands trip briefing during contact time.
Didnt know what happened to YunLin, she kept making 'Edward' meow -
when Edward is suppose to be a HORSE!

Then walked to j8 and had lunch at the foodcourt then go home le.
okayyy ... So i really envy these fangirls, they were really nice and not like stalkers.
And thats why DBSK reacted to them and Jae even shook her hand. AMAZING! (LOL)
They even got to see Eeteuk! SNSD girls involved too! MinWoo, HeeJun & ChaeYeon also! =/
Cassiopeians(fanclub) please learn from them! Below is a LONG fan account by the fortunate fangirl & her friends :)
a total must-read for DBSK/SuJu/SNSD/SM Town fans ~ well mostly DBSK.

These fangirls are quite random though x)


[INFO] DBSK at LA fan accounts part 10: HAPTIC! (TVXQ/Tohoshinki)

Sorry, I changed my mind. This is the best fan account out of the KMF HB thus far. I was at the edge of my seat while reading this. Believe me. It's not for the faint of heart. I got giddy for no apparent reason. XD And lots of lessons too for would-be stalkers. Read and learn, cassies. :)

Fan Account by soluckyi'dpaytobeyouhttp://mon5482.livejournal.com/1434.html?view=5018#t5018:(btw, I included your request re: the photo coz someone might help you out here ^_^)

"Haptic" moment with DBSK during HB weekend

This story will seem unrealistic but this totally happened to us. (us=my friends & i)

This will just be about our encounter with DBSK/EETEUK, there were a lot of stuff that happened during the HB weekend, but i really want to just write out this part of it (will write the rest later) because its just unbelievable for all of us on how much fun we had with DBSK (after HB).

We first got to see DBSK in person when my friends and I were at the Macy's Plaza and were looking for a place to eat but i didnt feel like eating at that foodcourt coz there were too many people and so we decided to eat at IHOP across the street.So on our way to IHOP as we were about to pass by the entrance to Sheraton hotel (from the inside of the mall) another friend of mine saw me and called out my name. As we were talking, a group of guys passes by us and we both stopped talking and just stared at them coz that was one of those OH EMM GEE moments...first I saw CHANGMIN then JUNSU, MICKY, YUNHO and then finally noticed JAEJOONG with his beanie and headphones on when their back was already facing us. As they walked by us, i was waving to them, trying to see if any of them would acknowledge me, but none of them did anything, they just kept walking straight either looking down or looking forward, no smiles, no bows just kept on walking. then 3 nanoseconds later, we see a bunch of fangirls running with their camera. I swear when they passed by us it was like in slow motion, All my friends and I had this shock expression on our faces and all spazzed about it at IHOP.

HB concert was full of fun but i'll skip all the other interesting details for later, except for, my friend Linda got the EETEUK fan sign that he took from khype.

When we got back to the hotel we went straight to our room coz we needed to drop off some of our stuff and kinda refreshen up since we were all sweaty from the HB concert & running to our car at the parking lot XD. I think we missed DBSK's arrival to the hotel coz when we arrived there werent many fangirls yet and judging from the fancams, there were a lot of them when DBSK arrived back from HB. So i think we were in our room still =/. There were 7 of us so it did take us a while. I told my friend Linda that she should bring the EETEUK sign and put it in her bag in case she runs into him, she can ask him to sign it. On a normal basis, we dont really ask the gasoo(s) [singers] for their autographs or snap pics of them while they're passing by us, we enjoy just getting a good glimpse of them and if possible greet them and see if they'll react. We seem to be just satisfied with small interaction like that, we didnt really bother to bust out our cameras or ask for an autograph unless given the chance. [thats wad i call a good fan, giving idols the privacy they deserve!]

We were all finally ready to go back to the lobby. When we came out of our room we saw two coordi with a huge luggage waiting by the elevator. One of them was semi-yelling something to someone across the hallway and out pops YUNHO from the room which was literally 6 doors down from ours. My friends and I already knew that that was one of the DBSK room, since earlier that day when we passed by to get some ice a cleaning lady knocked on that door and someone opened it and we saw JUNSU just as we passed by, lets just say my friends and I got back to our room and had an O-M-F-G moment.

We were all finally ready to go back to the lobby. When we came out of our room we saw two coordi with a huge luggage waiting by the elevator. One of them was semi-yelling something to someone across the hallway and out pops YUNHO from the room which was literally 6 doors down from ours. My friends and I just stayed calm and collected but pretty much all of us had our eyes wide open, soon JUNSU came out of the room too and they all started walking towards the elevator. The elevator popped open and there were a couple of girls in there already. Since the coordis were there before us and we wanted to see YUNHO & JUNSU more, my friend Linda told them they should go first since they were waiting first. So they all entered the elevator and as YUNHO & JUNSU entered we all greeted them and told them they did a good job at the concert. YUNHO smiled first and said thank you with a bow and JUNSU bowed as well but was kinda avoiding eye contact. So we were waving and saying "bye" to them as the elevator door closed and just before it fully closed I yelled out 'SMILE!' I saw both of them did ^^ [the reason why i said 'smile' was because while we were driving to HB venue, my friends & i were discussing how much lack of reaction/interaction DBSK seemed to have with their fans, it urked us a bit since we felt that their fans deserved a bit more, that was just our own opinion, but at the same time we also witnessed why they would keep reserved and not interact with fans during the times they arrive all together, if they did anything remotely close to interacting with fans, it would cause chaos, the fans will become overly excited and will result with more screaming & spazzing, not that its a bad thing but its probably the one thing they try to avoid in public coz it turns the situation into chaos...so my friends and I made it kind of our mission to tell them to smile and see if they'll react to it =)]

We were spazzing to each other while waiting for the next elevator to open. When one finally did, we piled ourselves in there, Linda & I are the last two to enter, as i was entering the elevator, i looked to where the elevator buttons were and noticed a guy in a white hat, pink shirt & white pants and was standing in that lil corner covering his face with his hand and you can tell from his eyes that he seemed a bit scared (LMAO!) It was EETEUK! and poor guy probably saw these bunch of fangirls and immediately was scared for his life coz he didnt know how we would react to him. The fact that we were pretty loud probably scared him too haha! But i totally blew his cover coz as soon as I saw him i said "its EETEUK" to my friends and we all started to greet him "hi!" "annyeonghaseyo!" "good job at the concert" and he bowed and smiled and said 'thank you'. we spoke normally to him, as if we knew each other. And i told my friend Linda she should get her sign autographed. and I think EETEUK remembers me & Linda from the concert, and as Linda pulled out the sign and asked if he can sign it, he said "ok" (so cute). One of my friends asked if he liked america and we're not sure if he understood or what but he said "umm not good!" haha! so i said 'damn that bad.' XD

As EETEUK was about to sign, the elevator door pops open and it was another O-M-F-G moment....seriously never ever in our lifetime could we imagine that this will happen to us with D-B-S-K. The door opens and we see YUNHO, JUNSU, MICKY, JAEJOONG & the manager. As soon as we saw them, YUNHO's reaction was just like it was in the Haptic (elevator) CF when the door opened and he had that o.o reaction, i think all of them had that reaction. But from my point of view JAEJOONG's reaction was the best, i'll get to that in a bit. As we all see DBSK standing there, Linda & I's reaction was an instant "oh hiiii!!!" just like how you would say to a friend that you happen to run into. and that totally made YUNHO & JUNSU react with a smile and said 'hi' (they remembered us from a minute ago) and the manager was scared of us thinking we're going to be a bunch of crazy fangirls, which is understandable, but we totally just kinda acted normal and was just greeting them. I stuck my foot out to block the door from closing coz i wanted to see them more (duh of course!). MICKY was just chillin, he was behind everyone, YUNHO was the one at the very front, JUNSU was to his right and JAEJOONG was slightly behind him to his left. JAEJOONG's reaction, OMG so freakn cute!. He was like a lil kid, when the door opened and we said Hi, his face was like *o*, he was holding a camera and he immediately started taking pictures. I have no idea why he was taking pics of us but he was like a lil kid snapping pics. I remember seeing a flash and i was thinking 'wtf JAEJOONG is taking pics of us' haha XD. The manager came up forward gesturing to us to close the door and go down and noticed EETEUK and looked at him with an expression in his face like 'omg sorry you're stuck in the elevator with these crazy girls' XD. As the door was about to close, YUNHO totally blocked it because he finally noticed EETEUK and he came forward to the door and playfully waved and said "hiii." to EETEUK. YUNHO was all smiles and just playful. EETEUK finally noticed then it was DBSK and he stood up straight and covered the side of his face with one of his hand. At this point, JAEJOONG also noticed EETEUK so he moved to my side (YUNHO's right side) and was 3 feet away from me and I was looking at his reaction and I swear he was like a kid at a candy store, I've no idea what he was high off of but he kept snapping pics of us & EETEUK and was all smiley, Linda and I were both smiling kinda posing in the pics hahaha!!! JUNSU was cracking up, he was laughing so much he had to walk away to the otherside. MICKY hushed us and then cracked a smile too. So Linda & I both extended our hands out gesturing them to come in. We were both saying "come in there's still room" "we wont hurt them *to the manager*" "We'll take care of them" and some were saying "we'll take care of him" (pointing at EETEUK). I cant get YUNHO's smile out of my head and JAEJOONG was about to totally join us, he was really about to walk in but the manager blocked him with his hands (booo!!!!) All this time (which seem like its forever but really it was all probably a mere 20seconds) my friends and I were just having fun with DBSK be all playful. It was seriously one of those O-M-F-G x 100000times moments. It's what we call our 'HAPTIC' moment. A very surreal moment for all of us, even now we constantly talk about it and make sure that we didnt dream any of it.

On our way down to the lobby, still in the elevator with EETEUK. I asked him "Where's Kangin?" and his reply was so cute coz he said "ummm....*thinks* he go home. he go home". I think you could hear my friends and I's reaction of 'aww' coz we thought it was just too cute how he said that. Then finally the door opens and we let EETEUK out first and said 'bye' to him and he went off to do his own thing and a few fans noticed him and followed him. My friends & I on the other hand totally had to spazz about what just freakn happened in that elevator. Then we went to go stand by the couches thats nearest the elevator coz we wanted to see DBSK when they come out. It wasnt too long from when we got off the elevator to the lobby did DBSK also came out. As they were about to walk by us, I see YUNHO notice us and smiled. I was a bit busy looking at MICKY and I saw JAEJOONG notice us and was kinda holding back a laugh, I dunno maybe coz he remembered us from a lil while ago, but I just decided to extend my hand out and ask "Can I shake your hand?", at this point it was MICKY & JAEJOONG who was passing right by us, and I never really expected any of them to do anything as they seem to avoid that type of interaction....but O-M-F-G!!!!!!!!! I WAS IN A STATE OF SHOCK WHEN JAEJOONG GRABBED A HOLD OF MY HAND AND SHOOK IT. @__@ and it wasnt even a slight handshake it was a real good firm grip type of a handshake too! His hand was so soft. The instant that happened I slightly gasped from being shocked and I think all my friends also gasped in shock, probably other fans there who saw gasped and were in shock, i dunno but I WAS DEFINITELY IN SHOCK that JAEJOONG totally did that and that right there made me totally fall in love with him. He is now my boo. XD We watched them go up the escalator as a swarm of fangirls followed them all the way outside. I gotta give props to DBSK fangirls, they're so quick to run up those stairs. We just stayed at the lobby area for a lil bit while i spazzed actually we all spazzed. Then a friend of mine called me and said she was outside and just saw DBSK leave. I decided to meet up with her and a few others and i totally spazzed with them about what just happened with JAEJOONG.

I went to hang out with my iVIP friends after the encounter with DBSK. We went out to eat at BCD and by the time i got back to Sheraton it was already 5AM. As i come out of the escalator and walk towards the elevators I see my friends Jenny & Linda sitting where the couches were with two other girls who we met at the concert coz they sat behind us. I guess they've stayed there talking throughout the night. They didnt want to be loud in our room as our other friends were sleeping and didnt want to disturb JUNSU & YUNHO in their room, in case they hear the spazzing LOL! We were pretty loud in the lobby area talking about our encounters, we were also weirded out by the elevator that kept opening up and no one would come out, we were thinking a fangirl was in there just waiting lol. We decided to wait for the breakfast place to open so we can go eat breakfast. We saw MINWOO & HEEJUN come back from wherever they came from, they were pretty drunk, MINWOO was half leaning on HEEJUN...but he looked so hot with his fedora hat on. As they passed by us we just greeted them "hi minwoo & hi heejun!" and they nodded but i think the two were really drunk they probably dont even know whats going on haha XD. Then a few minutes later CHAEYEON and her backup dancers also came back. Jenny & I both complimented one of the dancer's shoes coz it was bright and colorful and was really cute. I'm not sure what time it was but 3 girls & a guy comes out of the elevators. We were preoccupied with talking to each other that I only glanced at them and went back to listening to whoever was talking at that time. They passed us by and when I looked at them again, i was looking at their back side and I noticed the guy in his lime green shirt had his hair up. I thought they were dancers until one of the other girls mentioned that it was MICKY & 3 SNSD girls. They walked to the front desk area and I think MICKY asked them where the breakfast area was at or got the complimentary breafast tickets thing. Anyways, they walk by the bar lounge towards where 'TheGrill' was and thats when I finally noticed that it really was MICKY & I recognized HYOYEON & YURI, i dont know who the other SNSD girl was tho. We just waved to them and the girls waved back, MICKY just kept walking. A few minutes passed by and I've no idea how they got there but we see MICKY & the girls coming down from the escalator. And i told my friends its kinda weird how they're the ones roaming around and we were just chillin. As they headed to the breakfast area, my friend Linda says outloud to them "ARE YOU GUYS BORED? YOU CAN COME HANG OUT WITH US!" and i think she scared them coz the girls ran to MICKY LMAO!!!! Then we realized they totally just jacked our idea of eating breakfast and were now not willing to go coz we didnt want to seem like we were following them. We wanted to give them their own space and let them do their own thing, so we remained sitting there. Then we see JAEJOONG & a differnt manager come out of the elevators and passes by us to go to the breakfast area, Im quite sure JAEJOONG remembered us, we greeted him "goodmorning!" / "hi" and he just nods and walks with the manager to the breakfast area. OMG he was lookin so hot! he had on a black tanktop & fitted jeans tan beanie and sunglasses, he was soo totally subtly flexing when he walked by us coz his arms muscles were bulging ou,t those dont pop out unless he's flexing LOL! As he walks by Linda says outloud "Oooohh your belt is shiinnneeyy~" and OMG he totally smiled and we cheered coz we got him to crack again. i think he knew we were playing with him :P. btw, we're not retards, we were just having some fun and trying to get the boys to smile and react, it was our lil mission for ourselves. Since the elevator moment i think the boys became comfortable with us enough to not avoid us when they passed by us. Also i think because we never really bothered to snap pics of them or come up to them to get their autographs they felt more at ease with us. We just let them be and we acted as normal as possible to them and had a lil bit of fun. JUNSU then comes out also in a black tanktop and OMFG he's so cute and he really does have a nice @$$. it has only been 5 minutes since JAEJOONG went to the breakfast area but he came right back out. Instead of walking to where anyone would normally pass by, he decided to walk through the lil path between the wall & the couch area. I mean seriously if we were crazy we couldve totally blocked his path and he wouldve not been able to get out. But i think its really cool that he wasnt bothered by us and knew we wouldnt bother him, that he walked through that lil path. As he walked right behind Linda, out of nowhere, she tells him "WHATTUP DAWG!!!" and we cracked up coz that was so random and JAEJOONG started chuckling and was smiling on his way to the elevators, I swear he was loving the attention we were giving him, either that or he thinks we really are retards hahaha!!!!!! XD We stayed seated there for a lil while longer and Linda just cracked us up coz i think it was lack of sleep that got her all a bit crazy LOL! Soon MICKY & the girls along with JUNSU came out of the breakfast area. Only JUNSU passed by us and we said "bye" "have a good morning" and crazy Linda tells him "I like your boots!" but all my friends & I cracked up coz half of us heard "I like your booBs". Then we heard fast clicking of footsteps and there were these girls running to catch JUNSU and so Linda says outloud 'JUNSU RUN!' and that totally set us off cracking up. (Sorry to those girls, we didnt mean for JUNSU to avoid you, Linda just thought it was too funny to do it lol XD)

The lobby was starting to fill with fans so we decided to go back to our room and start packing up since we were going to check out at noon. I took a shower and started packing my stuff. Linda, Jenny & Jennifer went out to get some ice down the hall and I hear Linda talking to someone and I opened the door to peak out and I see them talking to YESUNG & SUNGMIN. Our room was right next to the elevator area, the boys were out there waiting for an elevator. I wanted to go out there but i didnt have shoes or sandals on so I went back inside to grab my sandals. By the time I was able to get my sandals on and go back out an elevator opened and I saw EETEUK in there and i said "Oh its friend" and he looked up and smiled as the two boys go inside. Just in time before the doors closed Linda, Jennifer & Jenny were able to catch a glimpse of them and we all started waving "bye" to them an they bowed and smiled. We then decided to go back to the lobby area. I guess they went to go eat breakfast. We sat at these benches that was directly in front of the escalators. I went back upstairs to get my phone and it took forever to get into an elevator to go back to the lobby coz they were all full due to check out time. So i totally missed it when my friends got to say goodbye to EETEUK and according to them, it was really special how he turned around from the escalator and knew exactly where they were at and waved at them and bowed to them. We call EETEUK our friend.

We went back to the room to finish packing. And we realized DBSK were still here and decided we should also greet them a proper goodbye. And we decided to make it a mission for the last time to have JAEJOONG crack a smile. We sat at the couches near the bar lounge/The Grill restaurant area and we saw the fans stood up and we knew DBSK were out, so we all stood up too and stood aside where they would pass by. We were saying "Bye" "Hope you had fun" etc... Linda and I both noticed JAEJOONG slightly glance to where we were, he totally sneak a peek from his shades and so as he came up near us Linda busts out with "YO! G!" slightly popping up in front of him and he totally smiled at us and saw him look up at Linda and I also saw YUNHO smiling a bit, especially after Linda followed her 'yo! g!' with "U ROLLIN OUT?!?!" and JAEJOONG slightly turns his head to us and we see him crack a smile and i swear he was trying to control his laugh, he seemed like he was chuckling. and my friends and I all said "Oh yay! we made him laugh!" and i think he heard us while we cheered to each other, Linda amused him LOL!!! MAX was the last one to walk by us and we told him "CHANGMIN Smile!" and he kinda did. We then followed the crowd upstairs and we didnt know they were out there just packing their luggage in the shuttle. When we finally got there they were already seated inside. My friends and I stood up on a ledge to be higher and noticeable and we could see JAEJOONG sitting there and most of the fans were taking pics and waving. My friends and I yelled something ghetto like "YO J Dawg!" and was throwing peace signs and gangsta signs lol...we were ghetto LOL! But i think he totally heard it coz soon after that he waved to the fans outside. YUNHO did too and they started to close the curtains. The shuttle rolled out and THAT WAS THE END OF OUR DBSK encounter.

In the end, I totally fell in love with JAEJOONG and they changed our minds because they really acknowledged us whenever they saw us. The handshake with JAEJOONG will forever be one of the most shocking moments in my life, even shocking than when I got to shake RAIN's hand. I guess it was because I witnessed that they hardly interact with fans in public situations I didnt expect him to react and actually do it. Our own "haptic" elevator moment we had with DBSK is definitely one that even now I still think its surreal. The way YUNHO was so playful and JAEJOONG was like a lil kid snapping pics and JUNSU cracking up like the way we see them on shows, it just never occured to us that we would have such special moments like that with DBSK. especially the fact that they are D-B-S-K, when we first arrived to the hotel we didnt think we'd even get near them considering how they're the biggest kpop star of asia and they're pretty unreachable but to have special moments with them really made our HB experience a lot more cherishable.

the girl I sold an HB ticket to emailed me this picture, she recognized me in it. you can see JAEJOONG and my friends & I in the reflection, haha i thought its pretty cool. Credit goes to whoever took this pic.

I will try to post my HB fancams of DBSK performance asap. I dont think they're that bad tho the audio might be annoying coz its mainly me screaming XD

written @ 5/21/2008 06:06:00 PM