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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
[INFO] TVXQ Thanks BoA at the Saitama Arena (Tohoshinki/DBSK)


Today's chem paper 2 was easier than expected ...
but who knows, the answers i wrote might not be right -.-"
Hmmm ... As for POA -
It was alright but i didn't know how to do Depreciation!
And so i wrote crap ^^ i didn't even know what i was writing ~
But overall i find it okay :)
Oh, the papers actually took one whole morning until 1:10pm T_T
I almost fell asleep during POA paper ...
Because I finished it at 12:30pm -
As there was extra paper, i decided to doodle abit :D
Yeap you got it, i doodle-d Korean stuffs as usual =X

Then i went home, was very tired and fell asleep on the sofa instantly.
The problem is ... I haven't inform mommy that im home yet -
It was 3+ and woots i woke up upon hearing my sms tone ...
"1,2,3,4 Back~"
okay ignore that -.-"
She typed, "You home?"
I replied, "Yes ... I'm sleeping ..."
Simple english ... Easy to understand isn't it?
Now, you wouldn't call or disturb someone who told u clearly that he/she is sleeping right?
Or he/she'll be either damn pissed off or even scolding vulgarities for disturbing their beauty sleep ESPECIALLY when they're TIRED.
Unless ... You have nothing better to do than to disturb that person -.-"
But you know what ?
Woahhh ~ Mommy called home!
When i just told her im SLEEPING!
Great ... I wasted an SMS -

So i answered the phone, duh ... Made me walk 10++ steps! LOL-
[note: the whole conversation was in chinese]
"Hello0 ..." i greeted with a sleepy/irritated voice.
"Why you never tell me that you're home? How's your paper?"
"Average lor ...! I'm SLEEPING mah!"
"Okay, i'll call you back when you're awake."


Boooo ~ no need to call back !
I decided to go back to sleep and guess what?
And i thought of many things while trying to sleep.

Im getting sick&tired of having to call her everyday when i get home ...
*curfew = 10pm*
*NO staying overnight at friend's house*
*have bf now = die, adviced to have one when i officially start working which is like 20+ yrs old?*
*etc ...*
Go out also must give her info such as :
sounds like writing compo eh -.-" and feels like getting interrogated by police officer -
And if she isnt happy? 'No' is the answer i get.
This, has been going on for years! Let me see, hmmm... ever since P3?
Im used to being left alone at home already, the method you use to get our family closer isn't working!
You claim that you understand us cos we're your children, but seriously you DON'T!
Look, you pamper kor much more than me, and what's the result you get?
A vulgarity that aimed towards you that you didn't expect -
"Where did you learn that from?!" was all you could say?
I could see that you were utterly disappointed but does that change anything?

Scolding us, or ME, throwing your tantrum around like nobody's business,
sometimes i wish you wouldn't take afternoon naps cos the after effect is ... horrible ~
I wanted to have a nice talk with you but i don't think it'll work.
Do you really really know what we want?
Its like you're preventing me from chasing my dreams, not even a try!
And if i ask, you'll say im crazy and condemn me -

I feel like im your puppet, you're controlling my whole life, well almost.
Even you are to decide the courses that im going in Poly,
Take Business! Accounting! yeah, are you sure its to benefit me or you?
Why would i go into courses which i have no interest in?
When you asked me which course i want to go, i told you and you immediately say ...
"No way!"
Then why did you even bother to ask ... huh?
Daddy was more understanding, he knew that the course i want would be useful.
Lastly, you caused me to lose something precious too ...
All because of you -

Okay enough said ...
time to update dongbang stuffs :)
Hope i'll feel better after that!


[TRANSLATION] LSM: "TVXQ is the energy of Korean citizen" (Tohoshinki/DBSK)

Lee Soo Man, the manager of SM Entertainment talked about this on ahead the First Arena Tour Concert “TVXQ 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~" 16th public performance at the media conference on 5th May in Japan.

"With just 3 years into the Japanese market, Dong Bang Shin Ki has been the energy of Korea and its citizens. [I think he is trying to meet pride of the citizens?]

Dong Bang Shin Ki has topped last months' Oricon Weekly Single Chart and he commented that "this is the 2nd time that Dong Bang Shin Ki break the record, they are leading with these impressive results among the singers who ventured overseas market".

"We see that with the strong competition between the 2, it is not easy as female solo singers and male group singers in the industry. And Dong Bang Shin Ki can do so well in Asia, they are the energy of the country and its citizens, isn't it?"

"BoA is like the artiste who represents our Korean citizens. Now Dong Bang Shin Ki is also doing that. Artistes who venture markets abroad makes us proud to appear as Koreans".

Lee Soo Man then envisions Asia magnifying its talents to the whole world. And he hopes that this will very soon take forms.

But, now that Dong Bang Shin Ki is back to Korea, they will meet up with fans whom they had missed out for this period of time.

Credits :sookyung@multiply + tealfirestar07@syp + sele_kara@cyxionforums + sehilapiglet@soompi

*LSM-ssi! Let me go into SM please! I'll work hard! LOL~*


[INFO] TVXQ Thanks BoA at the Saitama Arena (Tohoshinki/DBSK)

TVXQ expressed its gratitude to BoA during its “3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~” concert at the Saitama Arena last May 5.

Xiah expressed, “BoA was a pioneer in Japan. We want to thank her because we couldn’t have had our career in Japan if it weren’t for her. We don’t think we’re the best. There are still so many things we would like to try in the future.”

Max, the youngest in the group, also gave a piece of his mind to the thousands of fans in front of him and said, “It’s a mistake for us to be called as the pioneer (on Japan debut). Our seniors like H.O.T and BoA are the pioneers and we are just doing our best to respect the foundation they have laid.”

He continued, “As seniors, we would like to be a role model. It’d be great if other junior singers could build more achievements on the foundation.”

“In Korea, we also had good luck and we were able to meet a good staff and to receive lots of support. When we came to Japan, we had a frame of mind that we’re ‘rookie singers’. Even though we’re securely and continuously working our way up, we would like to think that we’re still ‘rookie singers’,” said U-Know.

credits: Starnews + krnloop + blaze@soompi

And that, my friends, is the secret to TVXQ's success: hard-work and humility. ^^V


written @ 5/07/2008 04:21:00 PM