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Friday, May 30, 2008

^Pamm and Lynette @ Strawberry farm

^ What does it look like? LOL

^ Yunlin as a Strawberry!

^ Us @ the BOH Tea Centre

^ Swati - Yunlin - Eldee

^ Great imitation! lol!

^ Teacino! Its nice but i finished it alr =X

^ My fav rose xD

^ Our steamboat dinner for the first night -.-"

all photos are taken using my handphone =/
Anyways... Im back from Cameron Highlands ~

[Day 1]
Woke up early morning 6am, wash up & prepare to head to school ...
People started to gather and we boarded the bus and left the school at 6:45am for Tuas ...
And blah blah blah ... Pass through immigration etc. Well the journey was long -.-" *duh*
Finally reached the bottom of Cameron Highlands!
Then the bus went up the curvy road -
I was okay for the first 30min ... But then i felt super giddy after that T_T
And TADA! We reached Cameron Highlands, VERY cold ...
Even the 'hotel' that we stay in no need aircon de, they use the natural cold wind,
which is cold enough -.-"
The hotel was a big disappointment though =/ But our rm was considered big alr.
When we reach there it was alr 7pm++ So we went to have our Steamboat dinner.
Walk Shop Walk Shop Walk @ the pasar malam -
Head back to hotel, bathe and sleep! Lynette, Pam and I was laughing crazily b4 we sleep =X
And I was the only one who slept soundly, I couldnt hear anything, slept till morning then woke up.
Both of them say the cars were very noisy, got Malays saying prayer @ 5am next door, got ppl play song from downstairs -.-"
Yet i didnt hear anything, how pro LOL. Guess i was super tired.

[Day 2]
Woke up at 7am? Woot- Found out that i fell sick -.-"
Flu ~ totally sucks. Oh sore throat too, zzz ...
Had breakfast at some hotel and then the Motivation talk for 4 hours.
It was both Fun and Boring x)
Since it was raining, our trekking was cancelled.
After that we went to some place for a little bit of shopping,
and visiting of the water cress, bee, rose farms. The roses are so nice!
Then we had KFC for dinner! I still ate it even though i have sore throat =X
Later @ night all went to the pasar malam again to shop.
There are many strawberry stuffs (strawberry umbrella, earrings, keychains, pouch), food, keychains, clothes, fruits and etc.
As i wasn't feeling well, i decided to head back to the hotel first with Swati @ 9pm+
And i took the flu medicine that weiling has, and felt better the next day.
Thank you so much weiling ^^
So we all bathe and went to sleep @ around 12am++ after much talking and laughing and visiting of Eldee/Melvin/Keith's room playing monopoly -.-"
Ohohoh Yunlin did something... No she wore something... LOL only Pam has the photo, cos i use her cam and took it. Yunlin came knocking our door and BOOM she burst out laughing like mad ^^

[Day 3]
Received a morning call @ 6am -.-"
3 of us wash up and packed our belongings ...
We went door to door visiting other ppl's rooms xD
And gathered downstairs between 6:45 - 7am, left the hotel for breakfast.
Then we visit the Highland Tea plantation, spectacular sight!
We actually changed to a smaller bus for the Tea Plantation tour as the road was narrow.
The bus driver is pro eh! Lol can kneel down to him already.
He brought us back safely out of the tea plantation even thought the road was tiny.
We were all like "woahhh/omg~" when we saw incoming cars & the bus have to stop near the edge of the hill road and let the car pass, more thrilling than rollercoasters!
And again shopping time @ nearby shops.
Then had our early lunch at 10am+ Pam & I didnt eat cos we weren't hungry.
Head to the Strawberry farm after lunch to have a walk and digest the food first before going down hill.
I bought some strawberries ... and took some photos before going back to the bus.
And we start our journey back to SG.
Down the curvy road~ I still felt giddy but it was definitely better than the first day.
The bus stopped after 2/3 hours of driving @ 5pm+ to refuel and for us to have our dinner.
Continue driving again... and stopped at 9pm+ for toilet breaks then all the way back to SG.
Reached school and 11pm and Home Sweet Home!
Oh, while on the way back to SG, the guys held their own concert on the bus and sang songs!
Totally hilarious ~ Non stop laughing ;D
credits to Mr Yeo for bringing CDs ...

Songs they sang:
1) OneRepublic - Apologize (Ft. Timbaland)
*Apparently they love singing the 'Its too late to apologize~ its too late~"
2) Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
*They only know the IMCOMPLETE~ part*
3) Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone
*Again they only sang 'Since you been gone ~'*
4) Guo Mei Mei - Bu Pa Bu Pa -.-"
*Mai-ah-Hee~Mai-ah-Hu~Mai-ah-Ho~Mai-ah-HaHa~ They even translated the chorus to ... 'See cockroach ... I not I not scared' LOL*
5) Westlife - You Raise Me Up
6) Lose My Breath - Erm i forgot the artist
*the boys were like singing the chorus until the 'Made me lose my "huh huh" the breathing sound -.-" They do until so ... oh nvm LOL*
7) Guang Liang - Tong Hua
*I guess they know this song the best xD*

As for other songs, they will Lalalalalla ~ the tune if they dunno the lyrics :)
Alright thats all i can remember.

written @ 5/30/2008 11:55:00 AM