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Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Bang's Tae Yang - Look Only At Me 나만바라봐

love love love the MV yo~ haha.
its about Taeyang and his girlfriend.
She was cheating on him.
And the video shows her going out with 4 different guys
the 4 guys are Big Bang members x)
at the end, he realise he was only dreaming when he woke up sleeping on his gf's thigh.
And Taeyang went, "ISHH~" xDDD
I wonder when will the construction work end -.-"
its really getting on my nerves everytime they start work so EARLY.
and they are drilling the wall outside just right behind me! T_T
bloodyhell ~ lol
Cant even let me sleep peacefully... Then the noise just keep coming in.
so LOUD somemore.
So i woke up at 10am despite the noise which started from 8++ zzz ...
Then decided to go on ISAK's radio programme,
but the thing wont work :(

Oh so I decided to watch You Are My Destiny starring YoonA from SNSD and other actors/actresses whom im not familiar with.
The drama is not bad ^^
I stopped at episode 5 shall continue next time.

thank goodness val called me to have dinner together lol.
totally killed my boredoom :)
but we only meet for awhile and she has to pack her stuffs cos ...
she's moving out of Bishan soon T_T

Okay, im starting to love jaejoong more and more.
I shall steal him away from Yunho someday! *sorry yunnie* LOL-
Im guessing Jae loves the YunJae towel that the China fans threw at him during last week's concert eh.
And although your a man, Im sorry to say that 'Yun' will always be in front on 'Jae'
Cos YUNJAE sounds nicer than ... JAEYUN? lol?! Or JAEHO :)
oh whatever haha.
Indeed, I agree that Jae's eyes are beautiful ^^

Jaejoong In The Eyes of Hankyung

Jaejoong ~ [TVXQ]

Hankyung ~ [Super Junior]

The first time Han Geng saw Jaejoong, the thing he remembered the most was his eyes. Jaejoong has a pair of extremely beautiful eyes. His eye pupil's are very black, very bright, and is even prettier than a girl’s eyes. He is like someone handsome right out from a comic. Although he has seen Heechul, which has a similar famous beautiful appearance, Han Geng still feels shocked by Jaejoong’s appearance. Hero’s appearance is a different kind of beauty, totally different from of Heechul’s. Jaejoong’s appearance is delicate, pretty, and it also gives a cold feel that rejects you miles away. Han Geng thought that Jaejoong is truly worthy as the champion of SM’s Beautiful Appearance Award.

Although Jaejoong’s appearance brings a feminine resemblance, his appearance also gives people a really cold feeling. Besides he mutually gives regards, Jaejoong nearly does not speak at all, and always shows an expressionless face, this lets Han Geng think that he is hard to get close to. This impression continues on until both of them are placed into the same dormitory.

From then on, only then had he understood that the “first impression” that Jaejoong gave are the total opposite of who he truly is. Kim Jaejoong is someone who, if he wants to, can make people laugh like mad, that kind of person.

"Hyung, you know what are fingers for?" Jaejoong asked.
" What? "
" It is for stirring the soup when you don’t have a spoon . "

First time Han Geng heard Jaejoong made this kind of joke, Han Geng thought in surprise that ‘So this person can make jokes!?!”. In just a short month time, Han Geng’s impression of Jaejoong has greatly changed into ‘This guy is really funny’.

The first time Han Geng has really experience Jaejoong’s funny skills was not long after they had stay together. There was once, he, Jaejoong and a few trainees were practicing dancing. During rehearsal break, they start playing a game, taking turns showing the dance they are most skilled in, the one who dance the best won’t have to clean up the practice room later. Everyone dance with all his might, Han Geng also did a dazzling popping dance. When it was Jaejoong’s turn, he just stand in the middle of the place and suddenly start a weird dance. His two arms wiggle forward, like a queer bird flapping it’s wings, one hand pointed at the sky and the other hand pointed at the floor, then he started running and turning around in circles, after a few circles he start shaking his hand and feet causing Han Geng and the others to look dumbfoundedly. When they finally started responding, everyone was drop to the floor laughing their hearts out, Han Geng laugh till he almost breathless, he never would have thought that Kim Jaejoong, such a pretty-faced guy, would have such a humor in him.

After that, as Han Geng slowly understand him more, he started liking him more. Jaejoong is a kind and considerate person. Although he may look cold on the outside, he is very kind and warm in the inside. Once, when Han Geng was not feeling well, Jaejoong was the only one that found out. Jaejoong gave him medicine and even made porridge for him, that really touched Han Geng. Both them instantly became best friends, Jaejoong can talk a lot, love telling cold jokes, love to play around, and always make Han Geng laughs. The “ cold impression and beautiful Jaejoong” that he first seen has gone to don’t know which planet.

Jaejoong also likes Han Geng. Han Geng also don’t know why but compared with the other people in the same dormitory, Jaejoong was closer to him. Jaejoong will come to find him no matter if it’s dance practice or song practice. The truth is, Han Geng’s Korean language skills was bad back then, sometimes Jaejoong had to speak with a little sign language for Han Geng to get what is said, but Jaejoong treat him this foreigner better than he treats anyone else, Han Geng was very touched of this.

Those days, Jaejoong was very serious with practicing singing, he can practice his vocal whole day and night in the practice room, till a very crazy extent. Han Geng was really shocked when he first got to know of Jaejoong’s suffering experience. When Jaejoong was a mere 10 age plus boy, he once sold his blood for a meal, even walk till he fainted just to save the transportation money needed. Han Geng was naturally impressed with Jaejoong which was two years younger than him. Jaejoong has a strong determined heart.

But all those are already in the past. The Jaejoong now can finally realize his dream under the name of TVXQ. Han Geng will feel happy everytime he sees Jaejoong’s cheerful face. Han Geng knows that the Jaejoong who sees his dream and friendship more important than anything else, not only has dream, but also the TVXQ members that he cares deeply. With Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho by his side, this kind of Jaejoong will live his everyday happier than in his past.

credits: iluvjj@jj's kitchen

written @ 6/06/2008 08:24:00 PM