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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just felt like sharing, haha~

Presenting Korea's year 2007 craze, Tell Me dance by Wonder Girls! Its so darn popular and addictive that everyone's dancing to it, including little children, Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, traffic police (LOL) <---- they dance really good yo. & etc!

There are many many many many vids of ppl dancing to it and I'll post some :D Highlight of the dance is actually SoHee's 'Omona!' part and the body wave. Cute eh haha.

But the thing is ... I also know the dance =X Tell me Tell me Te Te Te Te Te Tell me~

Tell Me by Wonder Girls has become HUGE/HIT phenomena & trend in South Korea due to their catchy tunes and cute dance choreography. People say the song and the dance moves are "addicting". Everyone from kids, elementary/middle/high school/college (boy/girl) students, soldiers, policemen, to just everyday people are particpating in this hit by showing off their bad, okay to good dance skills!

Wonder Girls - Tell Me MV

Yes! This is the original video~ and everyone's doing the dance x) Below are examples of videos done by SuJu, Big Bang and other people :D to show how popular the dance is during 2007 heh.

Wonder Girls - Tell Me (Live on SBS Inkigayo 09.09.07)

Actual performance by Wonder Girls singing Tell Me :) kinda shows the whole dance lol. Just... Ignore SoHee's[girl who does 'Omona'] vocal skills, she's 15 last year and maybe still lack vocal training? Hwaiting SoHee!

EHB 071216 - Super Junior (4 member) Tell Me Dance (engsubbed)

No Heechul, your such a big liar! xD You're NOT shy at all! Their wave not bad eh lol and Heechul's 'Omona' totally kills~ Although im more like laughing through the whole video than watching it properly -.-"

Star King #40 - Big Bang + guests does Tell Me dance (engsubbed)

Big Bang yo! Since they performed with Wonder Girls before, they'll definitely know the dance! Jiyong's body wave is so smooth xD They danced really well too, even middle-aged man want to learn wor.

[071011] Chunji Radio - Super Junior dance Tell Me

LOL~ again Heechul never fails to NOT stand up and dance upon hearing Tell Me. Again they're always fooling around ^^

Korean traffic police dancing to Tell Me!

Omona~! They're damn good and neat except for the body wave they do, I cant stop laughing xD They even went on Star King show [the vid is below]! Now we know what they've been doing when they're off duty!

Korean traffice police with Wonder Girls & SNSD on Star King

Its totally hilarious! Their face expression are so funny~ Even Wonder Girls goes out and join them at the end ^^ Oh and their body waves, one of the police does the body wave stiffly, everyone laughs when he does it. Sry that this vid no eng subs though =X well the next vid has!

Star King #48 - Traffic Police & Cute Boy Tell Me Dance (engsubbed)

Now they collaborate with the cute little boy! He does the 'Omona' part perfectly xD We see a collaboration between the UCC traffic police and the cute boy Cha Jae Doo with their encore performance as they perform Tell Me, Sonata of Temptation and Girls Generation! SNSD went to join them in the dance too xD

Korean flight attendent dancing Tell me!

They still did not bad in skirts ^^ See! Even flight attendants dance to it =X

Korean school girls dancing Tell me!

Of course school girls will also be addicted to the dance :) Neat neat ~

Korean high-school boy dancing to Wonder Girls Tell Me!

And of course we must have the boys version xD They dance until quite gay though =X they love WG too much lol!

Korean Army Soldiers Dancing to TELL ME (Wonder Girls)

Even those serving the army can't resist the temptation to dance Tell Me -.-" They're darn good yo!

Masked boys dancing tell me (wondergirls)

Errrrr ... They're clever enough not to show their faces =X

3 Cute Korean Girls dancing to TELL ME (Wonder Girls)

Well they wrote CUTE there lol. See even CUTE Korean girls dance to it xD they're good, they're good :)

written @ 6/03/2008 09:57:00 PM