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Monday, June 02, 2008
Super Junior's new subgroup revealed, "Super Junior - Happy"

Hmmm, i got a high fever ytd night =/ of 38.8 degree.
Was practically burning in bed, which sucks, lol.
Again im bored as there's nothing much to do at home and I cant go out -.-"
sighhh -
Oh yeah, have everyone done their part and help the Sichuan victims? :)
I hope you all did.
Even Super Junior and TVXQ also help le ~ haha.


Submitted by miss scarlett

Source: Newsen
Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics; BLG

Super Junior's new subgroup revealed, "Super Junior - Happy"

13-member boy band Super Junior produces another subgroup, "Super Junior - Happy".

Super Junior - Happy is the fourth Super Junior subgroup after Super Junior-K.R.Y, Super Junior-T, and Super Junior-M, formed by SM Entertainment. The six members include Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk.

On the 30th, SM announced that, like the name of the group, they will be peforming quick and refreshing songs, giving the fans a feeling of bliss and happiness.

Super Junior - Happy's first mini album will be available in early June.
The title track is a dance song entitled "요리왕(COOKING? COOKING!)" (Translation: Cook King(COOKING? COOKING!) ).

The song is a story about a youth stumbling upon interesting things as he thinks about cooking for his girlfriend.


Super Junior's Donghae Launches Call, Korean Fans Contribute to China Earthquake Disaster

Submitted by miss scarlett

Source: Sohu Entertainment News
Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics

Super Junior's Donghae launches call, Korean fans answers by contributing to earthquake disaster.

Lee Donghae who recently expanded his career to China as a member of Super Junior-M, launched a call on his personal Korean homepage on the 24th, hoping that everyone will lend a helping hand to the victims of the Sichuan, China earthquake disaster. Many Korean fans answered his call and formed their own donation crew, and under the name "Super Junior Fan", the donations will be sent to Korea's Red Cross Foundation which will be then transferred to China.

On the 24th Donghae's personal Korean homepage wrote, "(the earthquake) is bigger than I thought... I think it needs ELF's interest, and I hope everyone will give out concerns and love. Although it happened in China and not Korea, it is not far away from us and we cannot treat this as other people's problems and not be concerned about it. This is the time when help is needed from everyone. Allow us to use our concerns and pray with love that everything will go away quickly. Everyone's true smiles will be revived..."

After reading this message, Korean fans said, "Because of the earthquake China suffered a huge loss. Our hearts do not feel well... we cannot wait longer! I think we should work together now. Please start taking real action!" The account was publicly announced to be under the name of "Lee Eunhye." The donations will continue until June 21, and it will be ultimately sent to Korea's Red Cross Foundation under the name, "Super Junior Fan."

SuperJunior Fan Donation - http://superjdonation.com/


TVXQ / DBSK Gives Help to Chinese Earthquake Victims

By: SpiderLiliez

Finally, it’s great to hear that Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) will perform for charity. Like other eager and concerned Asian celebrities, TVXQ prayed and desires to help the victims of the deadly Sichuan Earthquake.

TVXQ will hold their “~O~ Shanghai Concert” which will be held at the Hongkou Soccer Stadium in Shanghai tomorrow, Saturday, May 31.

Their show will be a benefit concert in contribution for the needing quake survivors in the province of Sichuan and other neighboring areas, where the official death toll climbed to almost 80,000 (with over 300,000 people injured and almost 20,000 missing), and around 5 million people left homeless.

The concert will be TVXQ’s first major concert in mainland China which will be later followed by another “~O~ Concert” in Beijing in June.

The ticket prices range from 40-183 US dollars (280, 480, 680, 980 and 1280 RMB).

Instead of the famous “Red Sea” concert trademark, Cassiopeia fans will wear “yellow” (yellow ribbons) as a symbol of peace and good wishes.

Let us all pray for the victims of the quake, and help if we can. Everyone can do something. Even the smallest donations can really help a lot. We hope the spirit of TVXQ’s concert in Shanghai will encourage other Cassiopeia fans and Kpop fans to lend a helping hand as well.


written @ 6/02/2008 02:16:00 PM