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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wowowwoowowowowow ~!
This year's Korea Festival totally rocks :D
okayy the arrangment is from bottom to top =X

4 November, Arrival of Wonder Girls @ Changi Aiport T2

This time there were lesser people cos its only one group.
I think its because WG have very tight schedules so they have to come seperately.
So, I was a Wonderful for ... a few days (:

Me, cynthia, gene, hengtong and weihong arrived at the airport in the afternoon around ... 1plus?
too bad, joel cant come, LOL ~
we waited til 2plus and the SGwonderfuls started singing to Nobody's chorus as they spotted WG coming out. Well, we sang to it too ^^

I got my cam ready for all the action and manage to get footage of YeEun, Sunmi and Sunye!
Sohee and Yoobin's footage jus swooped past, so cant really see T_T
YeEun is soooooo nice! She kept smiling and waving to us ~ Sunmi did wave abit too. Sohee's head was down all the time, actually she kept bowing to the fans. And Sunye was smiling all the time ^^ they're all so pretty.

I was so close to them T_T like less than 1 arm length, but yeah, NO body contact was the rules lol. The stupid guards blocked my view =.=
And again, i'll upload the fancam next time, this one is better although cannot see SoHee and Yoobin :(

thats the mini bus outside which WG hopped onto (:

3 November, Arrival of 2PM, Andy, U-Kiss, Jewelry, Chaeyeon, Kim Jong Wook @ Changi Airport T1

I kinda reach Changi Airport at 7pm? Met up with the fanboys and proceed to T1
barricades were set up and as u can see, there were so many fans!
2PM fans were at both sides and they take turns to sing 10 Out of 10 Points
some hyper sang Nobody, Tell Me, Not Young etc. but it was fun (:
so we waited and waited, thought they'll be out at 9plus cos they're plane landed alr.
in the end, wait till 10plus then they come out, but its OKAY! ^^

I got to see Kevin! Hes like smiling all the way, fangirls were screaming. Omo, hes so cute with his hair pinned up and I can't believe that we're of the same age ~
I just realised Seo In Young isnt that tall, lol! Jewelry members are quite short, like my height? But they're pretty, oh Park Jung Ah just looks so gorgeous lol. they just zoomed past me in a blink of an eye -.-" my standing position was not great anyway.
I see Chaeyeon in a red shirt wearing a cap, then Nickhun wearing red cap, red shirt, carrying a backpack, I see Ukiss and 2Pm ~ They all look much better in real life ! xD

I only took a fancam of it, but as i said, my standing position is not good ... and my hand kept shaking -.-" know why? Cos got one idiotic China girl kept pushing NON-STOP even before they come.
Its like I have no space to move liao, she still keep pushing and talking with her friends loudly.
She even made a stupid/lame comment, cos SBS ppl were filming the fans on the other side and she said in chinese, "Why film the ppl there? They're not good-looking at all wad."
and im sure the fans there are more good-looking than her -.-"
And so for the whole time, I just kept looking at her every now and then, couldn't be bothered to waste my saliva on such ppl ... I caught the attention of another poor victim and mouthed the words, "She's noisy keep pushing! Irritating ..." and she nodded haha.
Anyway, I will post my low quality fancam later, its my first time taking a fancam u know?! =X

the Wonder Girls HUGE board xD

some guys holding onto "I (heart) Wonder Girls" shirt.

Haha, caught this photo randomly, ShinHwa's JunJin's cardboard!

Seo In Young's board! which says "Shin Sang(?) Princess, Seo In Young ~ I love you!"

SGsoshified people! :D who went to the airport, we were on our way home alr.

SBS staff! woohoo! They were filming/interviewing some fans.

1 November, K-pop Talent Contest Semi-Finals @ VivoCity's Sky Park

When i reach the sky park, my face was practically like O_O
so many people, the setting of the stage and all ...
I finally met val and we passed the CD to the crew there.
We waited from 2 to 6pm, very longggg ~ =.= In between, we walked around vivo, watched some performances, get changed etc.
OMG and Last For One ROCKS! ^^ they're so cool with break dance moves

Then finally the contest start! Our group was number 15 T_T like the 2nd last one ...
so when its our turn, the sky turned dark alr.
we sang Tinkerbell and sing/dance to Girls' Generation.
my voice cracked up too many times in GG :/ Should have drank some water before going up the stage, my throat was dry! T_T
but oh wells ... as expected we didnt get through the Finals :(
its okay, i got over it lol.

October 31, Zhiwei's Birthday!

So, Pam and I bought a cake ... and walked ALL the way from st24 to st 12 -.-"
we turned bankrupt cos of the cake *sniff sniff*
and celebrated zhiwei's birthday @ the playground opp GYPS!
We chat and play and crapped until almost 12 then go home X=

25 October, K-pop Talent Contest Audition @ Novena Square 2.

Group No. 04 - Random Duo [Steph&Val]
Sang & Danced to SNSD's ITNW and we got through to the Semi-Final!
was really shocked that we got to the top 16 our of almost 70 groups/solo.
The whole place totally went HIGH when Bigbang & WG songs were performed (:

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