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Monday, December 08, 2008
DawnRon story - The Bboy and his Fan ...

LOL. okay okay... sorry if my narration sucks -.-" Just that I find this really romantic haha! I feel for Sharon man ... Okay, so here it goes.

This all started on the day when i made my Dawn board and brought it to Square 2, the day i got to know Sharon, intro-ed by Amy&Siyuan. As I got 2 boards, they requested for a board to hold and Jajjang! I borrowed the Dawn board to her cos i'll be using the Lip's one [duh ...]
She was like ??? who is DAWN? We told her and she started screaming for Dawn holding the board high up whenever he comes out EVEN THOUGH SHE'S NOT A FAN OF HIM -.-" [wth, lol.] Her scream is WIN okay ... Can make one go deaf ...
From that day on, i think Dawn started noticing her haha, cos dawn always looked at her+my dawn board when she screams -.-"

Okay continue...
We were 'stalking' the LFO boys at the meeting room, Dawn came out to go toilet and Sharon, being a fan of him [like finally LOL.], specially made a dawn-board just for the last day of LFO performance, wanted his autograph :)

So Sharon asked him for his autograph, he wanted to sign it on the spot but reluctantly rejected because I think the manager disallow them to give their autograph to anyone? and told the security like Alvin to stop them from giving autograph to fans if they ask for one? *im not sure* Well, ANYWAY ... he paused for awhile and said, "Okay, later :)" [OMG i love his voice!] then Alvin escorted him to the restroom. The others also went to the toilet and came back.

We waited and continued playing with Stone&Leety, i knew they were going to dance to WG's Nobody!! haha. They even celebrated the pretty lady security guard's birthday in the meeting room! I envy her ~ Can hear them singing, Happy Birthday to You ~ (Okayskiptheirrelevantpart)

Well, we were only asked to leave when LFO were suppose to go down to the backstage soon, so we left and i went to the washroom. When i came out, i was surprised to see Ssin and Alvin o.O" and Ssin said something eobseoyo with the ??? face expression ... to Alvin. Anyway, Ssin went back to the meeting room by himself leaving Alvin alone at the lift area, Alvin seemed to be looking for someone ... which is Dawn! *we only realised who he was looking for later*

We waited at the washroom area, which is near the lift area too, thinking that they'll walk past us to take the lift but to no avail ... So we gave up and proceeded to the 'living room area', Nydia they all were slacking over there and they told us they saw Dawn walking up from the escalator and heading back towards the meeting room. Note: There were 3 walkways leading to the meeting room, and he used the walkway where WE fans always use [We stood at the walkway area just now]. And LFO seldom or barely uses the escalator or walk around ALONE to avoid stalkers. So piecing all the scenes together ...

We came to realised that ...
Dawn ... specially escaped from Alvin, or maybe he used some excuse or watever ... Ran to lift and went down first leaving Ssin and Alvin behind ... or something like that? Maybe he exited the lift on level 2 and took the escalator up back to level 3, using the walkway we were using thinking that we're still there, so as to give Sharon his autograph only to find an EMPTY walkway ... =.= Sharon is like damn sad after she knows about it ... -the fail couple- LOL. No fate.

And they Last For One Singapore this morning already T_T I'm sure they reached Korea safely :) I'm starting to miss them =.="
Stone ... the guy who gave us the most fanservice, thank you very much, my dancing partner, a member of WonderLFO, LOL. Also, thank you for asking Lip to do the HEART thing to us during lunchtime the day before and for agreeing to sign my stone/leety board!

Lip ... my LFO first love! I love him (: You were the first bboy to catch my attention when i first watched LFO's performance cos' of those crazy moves you did AND when you held my hand the longest for almost 5 sec during the audience interaction moment where i was standing amongst the audience! Nad's cousin even saw it =X And you look darn good in skinny jeans T_T thank you for signing my lip board. You might/might not rmb me, but i hope you'll rmb my Lip board and i'll be contented.

Taiyo ... the first guy who posed for our cam while having his lunch @ the foodcourt with the ^^v , the man who never fail to smile! I think he has the most muscles in that LFO group, if not, its Stone, damn strong -.-" Another member of WonderLFO.

Poppin'Q ... the goodlooking poppin' man, the immediate second guy to give us fanservice , even pulling Lip to him and posing for us randomly too @ the foodcourt last week, and even taking pictures of us using his handphone on our 2nd day there. Member of WonderLFO too! You danced Nobody damn sexily, Sexy Q!

Leety ... the funniest bboy in LFO! Thank you for your fanservice to us on the last 2 days in Square 2, still trying to be funny with your last message to us yesterday, telling us not to cry but i just cant seem to hold back my tears. *does Leety's handsign* Also a member of WonderLFO.

Dawn ... Sharon's lover, LOL. I always think of her when i hear Dawn and vice versa -.-" Thank you for posing on the stage for my camera at times, well all of them did pose for my cam at least once before la -.-" But I'll remember your pose and Thank you for trying to keep your promise to sign Sharon's board, we wont blame you cos its not your fault and don't feel bad. Oh yeah, i love how you did the 'Baby' action whenever Beggin' plays.

Style Jack ... the man with all smiles while on stage! Thank you for your so-called long and caring replies on your cyworld to us fans, for cheering me up and for liking my vitamin C drink, haha. You are so respectful and I like you for that :D *CHEERS!* You never fail to say Thank You to any of us on your cyworld replies.

Ssin ... haha you really look like Sungmin sometimes and Sungmin happen to be my fav Suju member =.= But I love you for being BBoy Ssin, Choi Shin Woo :) you really made my friend happy when you held ONLY her hand a few days ago during the audience interaction moment, while just tapping other fangirls hands. Im happy with our short korean convo when passing you the present, your face expression was priceless! Another member of WonderLFO!
Sseng ... you! you! you! So cute but not much of fanservice. Yet we all still love you! haha. The fans scream the loudest when you came out, you're breakdancing skills are Great! ^^ oh and the way you speak english ... damn adorable&funny. YO SSENGAPORE!!!!! Please take good care of yourself and be more careful in the future :) You really got us worried when you got hurt, not being able to perform for a few days, only to stand at the side stage taking photos of your fellow LFO members performing, that feeling wasn't great right? I can see that you enjoy performing for all of us on stage :D
Manager Bear Park ... You must have been the cutest manager i've ever seen haha, really look like a bear :x Love your random dance moves whenever kpop songs are being played. Thank you for helping me to get Ssin's, Lip's and Dawn's autograph :D You're the best for bringing them over to Ssengapore!

Last For One Crew hwaiting!
라스트 포 원 크루 화이팅!
Thanks for putting up i think ... 34 awesome performances even though i only attend half of the number. Yesterday was the BEST!
Please do as you all promised and come back to Singapore soon okay? :D
okay, this is such a long post -.-"

written @ 12/08/2008 03:49:00 PM