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Thursday, December 04, 2008

*smiles* got these for L4O and the adorable Manager today! haha ~
From left to right: Q, Style-Jack, Dawn, Sseng, Lip, Manager, Ssin, Stone, Leety, Taiyo ~

Alas! I got Stone's siggy lol. Finally u know -.-"

Yeah yeah, i know its quite ugly looking, but hey, Stone still signed it yo! And poor Cyn couldn't get Ssin's siggy :(

Okay, today was suppose to be a BAD day for me, why? Cos' i lost my darn ez-link card on the way to Square 2! I walked back all the way from j8 to my house =.= but to no avail T_T nobody return to the control station or watever also ... WHY?! Do you love my Yunho card holder that much? *sigh*

I said I wasn't going to cheer/scream when L4O perform as I was totally NOT in the mood to do so, but i still did -.-" Cant control myself. heh.
Well, seeing them perform did make me feel better =X at least for... awhile...
They had lunch at Square 2 and went to Peninsular Plaza to shop? Why go there shop?!

-style jack hi-5ed me after the 1pm show. [i was super high = according to Cynthia -.-"]
-while i just waved at the others. [i think. i suspect that i have STM, oh no!]
-Cyn took my Ssin+Style Jack board, Ssin saw it when he came back from toilet, he pointed it with both hands, u know like the Nobody dance move (:

because we were so free ... we got 10 bottles of Vitamin C for all of them + the manager! :D

Went down to 'chop' place at 3plus =X some ppl were even earlier than us okay -.-" but we still managed to get te first row bench, but its on the left side, not middle.

Started settling down and wrote messages to all of them then paste it on the bottles :D Hope they read it ...
Time passed by in a blink of an eye! Well, faster than ytd =P Doing those took lotsa time.

Waited and waited, finally they're back (:
Went [outside]backstage to pass them the drinks, well it depends on who go toilet -.-" All did except for Taiyo, lol!

First was Sseng, Leety, Stone and Ssin, passed to the manager awhile later, just like that, Cynthia almost emptied her plastic bag leaving Taiyo's bottle -.-" while i only gave Sseng... fast lor. I love Ssin's reaction the most when he received it, hes like OHHHH ~ again as usual haha!
Then the backstage door opened, I saw Stone drinking it! I did the peace sign to him and he did it back :D
While i was waiting for my batch of boys to go toilet [i still have 4 bottles -.-"] , i decided to go check out Manager-nim, he drank it too wahahaha ~ haengbokhaeyo!

I walked back to the backstage, the crew opened the door, Dawn came out and whispered something to him? o.o" I quickly call his name and passed him the drink :) 2nd bottle down!

Finally after much waiting, the other 3 came out, but of course i wait for them to come back from toilet first and passed, Lip, Poppin'Q and Style Jack the drinks ^^ then we went back to our seat and the performance begin!

Was very very happy as I got to touch their hands when they interact with the audience :) Again Lip Lip Lip, u touched/held/shook watever my hand the longest and i love u for that LOL! Many ppl witnessed it okay! HAHA.
Then Stone did the knuckle to knuckle thing to me again too! :D:D:D
Ssin and Dawn kinda held/shook my hand too (:
Okay, so now, i've touched all of their HANDS but not Poppin`Q -.-"
And i did something stupid today, as Q was walking past me to enter the restaurant this afternoon, my finger reached out and slightly touch his upper arm LOL and he looked shocked? I dunno, i din dare to look at him =X Sorry Q!

okay, im done, waiting for style jack's and Q's cyworld reply ..... ~ Looking forward to tomorrow's SPECIAL performance.

written @ 12/04/2008 10:47:00 PM