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Sunday, March 14, 2010

WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY! [ok maybe not that heavy but yeah, w/e] & spoilers ahead.
Anyway, so I went to USS a.k.a Universal Studios Singapore with Pamela today and enjoyed myself to the fullest within the time limit of 5 hrs that I got! The rollercoaster rides are soooooo exciting, I love the adrenaline rush that I got everytime I take the rides, its really awesome (:
Got down from Waterfront station @ 9am plus and was greeted with this (: a must-have for all US! And so the both of us went in USS, of course, we were greeted by warm and friendly staffs, they certainly love to wave and show their brightest smiles ever.
Walked past Madagascar, don't really have anything much, except for the restaurants and a merchandise shop, it's just photo taking sessions with the characters, and a Carousel, which we din take =X

So first stop was Far Far Away ~ 
Headed to Enchanted Airways, which is a junior roller coaster for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond ~! Din managed to capture a photo of the roller coaster though =X 

Anyway, this is the view of the entrance of Shrek 4-D Adventure
"See, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat as you join Princess Fiona & Shrek in a fairytale adventure."
before you officially enter the cinema to watch, you'll be in this room and be called as "prisoners", where you'll watch a prelogue of whats kinda gonna happen to you, there'll be gingerbread man (CUTE TTM *cough*), 3 lil pigs, pinocchio and mirror on the wall to accompany before your embark on your trip to erm, your 'punishment'

It's like a cinema where you watch a short movie of Shrek with your 4D glasses, and when the donkey sneezes from the screen, you'll have water splashing onto your face (: another example? when shrek is riding on a carriage, your seat will shake too as if you're on the carriage with him, fun? ^^

One part was there were spiders, Shrek was holding onto a spider, donkey swept it away and there were several spiders dropping down, and in the 4D point of it, it will look like they are falling onto your legs! Which they also had the effect which made u feel like they REALLY dropped onto your legs -.-" and i saw everyone on my row lifted up their legs LMAO. ok i did too =.=
this is the opposite view of the 2nd pic (: This is when I'm inside the queue for Shrek 4D.
Yes... this is Lord... er .. ok idk. After watching Shrek 4D which took like 15 min? Pam and I headed to The Lost World! No pics of it ): i forgot to take T_T they really play the music from Jurassic Park (Y) which I havent heard in years ~

So first up we rode the Canopy Flyer,
"Board your 'Dino-proof' flying vehicle as you enjoy a prehistoric bird's-eye view of Jurassic Park."
this ride is quite short and fast lol, and sitting facing behind is no fun -.-" abit scary since you don't know what will happen later, the ride will go up or down? turn left or right? we cannot prepare ourselves know -_-!! One staff still waved at me from below rofl, friendly right?

2ndly, we went to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!
"Enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats."
Okay, this is fun (: water ride you see, you can go there to get wet under the hot weather to cool yourselves abit. But a pity this ride a lil short for me, it ended quite fast, like ... 5min or lesser? The starting of the ride was all normal after passing 2 species of dinosaurs lol. Like you'll have this danger warning thing, go thru more waters before entering a tunnel, totally no lights, so its TOTALLY DARKKKKKK~ which is kinda scary for me the first time I took it, cos you dunno wad will come out, dinosaur eat u w/e -okithinktoomuch-

So anyhow you'll get quite close to this 'Class 1' Dinosaur, i think its a T-Rex, it'll be roaring loudly to you trying to er, "eat you up" [hey, im advertising for BoA, LOL] After that, you'll go thru something and you'll definitely get wet, which i did. Then, your ride ends with 2 dinos shooting water at you. I swear the people are evil to put the camera to take your photo at that location, they just wanna see your screwed up face =X

After that, we went to Water World!
"Witness death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills at this sensational 'live' water show."
I think this sentence prolly sums up everything (: you can go there to get wet too ~ of cos, please sit nearer to the stage.

This is the entrance to Ancient Egypt. Stunning entrance (: 4 huge statues greeting you, as if saying, "If you don't come in, I'll smash you with this." - ok again i think too much =X
One of the many booths selling drinks, food and etc in USS, these vehicles comes in various designs depending on where you are. 
Exiting Lost World. 
Battlestar Galactica!! WOOOHOOO ~ 
This is the entrance to Revenge of the Mummy!
"Plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you face warrior mummies on a pyschological thrill ride."
Okay, I ... REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS RIDE ALOT :DDDD I enjoyed this more than Battlestar Galactica ~_~ I took this twice. It was really scary the first time cos ... we sat in front -.-" only the 2 of us when its a 4 ppl a row seat type of rollercoaster. 
Again, since its dark, it makes everything more exciting, and scary too (: I think I closed my eyes thru most of this ride when i took it for the 1st time -.- It's really fast and FUN :D this is really a spoiler tho *scroll over the next line to see if you want*
this is the first rollercoaster i've taken that can GOSTAN one, goes backwards SUDDENLY know

waaa effing fun :D Took it the 2nd time at a later time with my eyes opened thru the whole ride, managed to see the graphics, lightings and everything, damn nice even tho everything went past too fast ._.
Battlestar Galactica! Since theres 2, I'll intro both of them.
Battlestar Galactica CYLON [blue track]
"This suspended coaster goes up, around and upside down with intense corkscrews and cobra roll"
Battlestar Galactica HUMAN [red track]
"Zooming at speeds of 90km/h, this seater coaster narrowly avoids collisions as it twistsm turns and propels you over 14 storeys into the air!"
this is high ... higher than my house ...
I took CYLON cos they told us HUMAN was on maintenance ): but we saw ppl riding on it before us, we were so suay... cos even after finishing our CYLON ride, the maintenance wasnt over yet, so Pam and I went to re-take Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Revenge of the Mummy again, in hope that it'll open after we spend our time with these 2 rides, again we did see ppl riding on HUMAN while walking to The Lost World ... so we went back after these 2 rides ... and they told us they are closed for the day T_T *sigh*

Anyway, CYLON was fun of course :D and I close my eyes thru most of the ride again! I was oblivious to my surroundings, I din know that I was hanging upside down as my eyes were closed, and there were 5 times that I was hanging upside down, rofl. The ride is seriously fast ... the staff like to cheat ppl one know ... -.- during the start of the ride which is like 3 seconds ... we go up slowly, after that they totally chiong you up 100km/h which made everyone scream! Your hair all fly til dunno where, I think you put gel, hairspray to spray one whole bottle on ur hair, your hair will still move.
This is Sci-Fi City where Battlestar Galactica is located at.
And so Pam and I walked in ... saw these guys, I took out my phone wanting to take pics of them, one of them noticed my cam from afar, so i walked closer and he posed for me, how nice LOL.
He even attempted to 'strangle' Pam with those long things when we were leaving haha!
Entering HollyWood ~ most of the things here are 7 shops that sells merchandises and 3 Restaurants, ending up with 1 attraction which Pam and I din go =X
That is, Pantages Hollywood Theatre.
"Come watch the infamous Universal monsters in a rock-n-roll musical."

Ah, the picture below is New York.
having attractions like, Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, and Stage 28. Along with 3 restaurants.
We didnt enter these 2 attractions too.

And so ... USS closed their rides at 2pm, Pam and I exited USS and walked around, checkin out the hotel lobbies ~ Even when we left, about 20 staffs stand in 2 lines to thank visitors for visiting USS and even waved/cheered/clapped for us while we walked past them and leave, aigooo ~
And .. We found this outside ... LAMBORGHINI HEAVEN!
theres like more than 10 of them, in colours of white, orange, yellow, black, green ~
damn nice ^^
After that we walked to HardRock Hotel to settle down awhile for our tired legs and left Sentosa at about 4pm?
And tada! Home Sweet Home ~ I'm tired ttm D:
Sorry if this post is too wordy =.= am lazy to edit.

written @ 3/14/2010 06:33:00 PM